Wednesday, 30 Sep 2020
Health Care
Caerphilly Hospital

CaerphillyProject Name: Caerphilly Hospital

Date of Completion: Due summer 2011

Project Size: 30,000sq mt

Building Profile: A new and unique 275 single bedded hospital with a floor area of around 30,000sq mt’s. The hospital caters for all treatment types and includes a mental health unit.

System Application: Modular Wiring Systems supplied a variety of products for both lighting and power. All power applications, including high level, dado and bedhead have been achieved using a combination of ring and radial circuits with the interleaving circuits built into the design.

The fewest possible components have been used to further ease the installation and comprise of MDB’s, Extender cables, Tee’s and whip ends.

Peterborough Hospital

Peterborough-HospitalProject Name: University Of London Hospital - UCLH

Date of Completion: 2010

Projct Size: 612-bed, four-storey hospital

Building Profile: Peterborough City Hospital is a new acute general hospital due to open in November 2010. The hospital is being built on the site of the existing Edith Cavell Hospital and will consitute a 612-bed, four-storey hospital will replace Peterborough District Hospital and Edith Cavell Hospital.

System Application: Armoured Ring system was used for the power distribution system. While lighting was served by out Armourlite components which included a DALI control pair allowing full data control of the lighting fixtures.

University Of London Hospital - UCLH

University-Of-London-Hospital-UCLHProject Name: University Of London Hospital - UCLH

Date of Completion: 2008

Projct Size: 67,000m2

Building Profile: University College Hospital (UCH) is a 680 bed teaching hospital in London, England which forms part of the University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and associated with University College London.

System Application: A modular ring distribution system was used for the power application, while modular lighting standard switching system was used throughout the project.