Tuesday, 27 Oct 2020

BenefitsSimple to design: Modular Wiring becomes the circuit lines of a traditional scheme.

Keeps Ceiling Voids to a Minimum: Home run cables containing up to nine circuits are no greater than 30mm in diameter, extender cables 13mm and MDB’s are just 80mm deep. All fit into the lighting zone.

Factory Guaranteed Installation: The complete system is manufactured off site in a factory controlled environment, thus eliminating the potential risks of on site conditions. The product is tested continuously throughout the manufacturing process and high potted to 1800 volts. Modular Wiring Systems Ltd. is the only modular wiring systems manufacturer that has complete manufacturing control of the product, from the raw copper to the finished product.

Maintenance Free: No screw connections are employed within the system on the basis that connections are generally where faults occur. The internal wiring of the system comprises crimped connections and is therefore deemed to be maintenance free during the life of the installation.

Minimises Labour Requirements: Labour can be reduced by up to 75%

No Wastage: Does away with on site cutting and fabrication, eliminating wastage and improving health and safety. Also, MDB drums are re-useable.

Reduces On Site Storage: A philosophy of ‘Just in Time’ is employed, enabling materials to be called off on a floor by floor basis and delivered direct to the working area.

Limits Testing: Testing and fault finding is minimised due to factory testing.

Programme Accelerator: An installation can be undertaken up to 90% quicker than traditional methods and utilises less labour, ultimatly facilitating project management.

In summary modular wiring system is simple in concept, modifications to the system can be made with a minimum of out of hours working, minimum disruption to the fixed installation and building fabric and in minimum time.