Tuesday, 27 Oct 2020

System Overview

  • Designed in the UK to comply with BS and IEC wiring requirements.
  • System up to 32A rated.
  • Full plug and play solution which could including Home Run cables and distribution boards.
  • Specialist bespoke applications catered for as required.
  • Pre-tested off site.
  • Armoured and unarmoured systems available.


Lighting systems:


  • Standard Switching
    • Single or multi pole switching
    • 1 way switching.
    • 2 way switching.
    • Intermediate switching.
    • Dim switching.
    • Presence and absence detection switching.
  • Data Controlled Switching
    • HF Dimming and control.
    • DSI light controls.
    • DALI lighting controls.
    • DMX light controls.

Power systems:

  • Ring
  • Radial
    • High integrity earth.
    • Integral data pair for BMS controls.
  • Branch Cabling

NB: The above systems could be used for both 'High Level' and 'Low Level' applications.