Wednesday, 30 Sep 2020
Bespoke Services

Bespoke_services_01Bespoke Services: 

Modular Wiring Systems Ltd, has always been very willing to listened to the customer needs. Each customer and each application may have it’s own particular requirements giving rise to the development of bespoke products. These products would need to be homogenised with the concept of the modular installation. 

Despite the fact that these bespoke products move us away from our mainstream production methodology, Modular Wiring System Ltd, have always been in the forefront of the development of such components, for various customers and projects. These products could range from simple switching, to complex automation control systems. 

Our experienced, in house, technical engineering team, are always looking out for new design challenges, which in turn, push the boundaries of our production abilities.

  • Design and engineering of bespoke products to meet particular project demands.
  • One-Off designs to solve particular project requirements.
  • Incorporation of these bespoke systems into the modular installation enabling a harmonised system throughout.