Thursday, 01 Oct 2020
Modular wiring Systems LondonModular Wiring Systems has designed, manufactured and supplied modular power and lighting distribution systems for England’s most environmentally friendly council building ever commissioned.
Birmingham City Council’s new Woodcock Street offices in Aston are the Council’s largest single investment in a new staff workplace in over a Century and boast seven sustainability features, including rainwater harvesting and a brown roof for wildlife.  It will be home to 2200 fixed desks over five storeys, plus areas for non fixed desks for a further 500 staff.
Modular Wiring Systems has designed, manufactured off site and supplied multi functional power and lighting distribution systems with standard Point to Point and switching and DALI control for the new offices.

Unlike standard builds where the distribution systems are installed from the bottom up with cables running under false ceilings, the Woodcock Street office installation has been a top to bottom installation. Power is fed from above and cables have been run through raised flooring as there are no false ceilings.  The second floor was a particular challenge, with all cabling fed under an acoustic canopy. 

As a result of the unusual design, flexibility of products and method of installation was vital, which Modular Wiring Systems was able to meet with ease.  In fact, so intuitive are its systems to install that the contractor on the project, who had never installed a prefabricated distribution system before, was able to undertake the work with minimal training in a very short space of time.  This speed of installation was vital due to the extremely tight schedule and completion date.

The sustainability factor inherent in a Modular Wiring System was an ideal match for the Woodcock Street offices, with their environmental credentials.  As the system is manufactured off site, there is no requirement for cutting and fabrication on site, thus reducing wastage, as well as cost.  An added benefit of prefabrication is quality control, as the entire system is manufactured off site in a factory controlled environment.  

Birmingham City Council’s new Woodcock Street offices are due for completion in Autumn 2011.

Modular Wiring Systems is a leading company in this field and has been providing a complete design, manufacture and supply service for high and low level modular sub-circuit distribution systems prefabricated off-site since 1994.

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