Thursday, 01 Oct 2020
Modular Wiring Systems supplies Draper Gardens with Cost-effective sub-circuit Distribution

MWS logoModular Wiring Systems has designed, manufactured and supplied modular sub-circuit distribution systems for the newDrapers Gardens 14 storey office building in central London.

Due for completion in Autumn 2009, Drapers Garden is a prime 270.000 sq ft city headquarter bulding of disctinctive architecture with full height glazing.


The stunning new office has been fitted with Modular Wiring Systems' sub-circuit distribution systems, all of which have been prefabricated off-site.
Modular Wiring Systems has extensive expertise in this field and was able to design and specify everything boards, from start to finish. In total 27 boards (two per floor) have been supplied by Modular Wiring Systems.

Modular Wiring Systems has aso designed the header box system and window blind control system, which is a new additional to the company's skills set.

The distribution boards for Drapers Gardens were pre wired by Modular Wiring Systems and delivered to NG Bailey- the contractor on this project- offsite. Modular Wiring Systems had to therefore work to NG Bailey's tight schedule, as well as ensure the boards could be easily mounted by NG Baiey without any risk of damage to the wiring.

For NG Bailey, such a system means rapid and simple installation, allowing for sunstantial cost savings on labour.  Unlike traditional fixed installation, which are labour intensive, offer little in flexibility and remain costly, modular wiring system allow for a complete installation, from the distribution board to the furthest points od a circuit, by simply connecting the system components together. 

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